UWiKiCMS demo

What is this?

This site is a demonstration on the fonctionnalities of the web site manager UWiKiCMS.


You can:

 login: guest
 passwd: guest
 login: test
 passwd: test

How to proceed

You can either read the documentation first and then toy arround, or do it the other way. It's up to you 8-)

The page you're reading is not editable, only a restricted test zone is.

Simply click on "Connect" (at the right bottom of this page), then type "test / test" and then go to the test zone . If you get a "No title" document, it means the test page is not created yet. Go ahead! If it already exists, it means someone got there before you. But you can still create sub sections and modify pretty much anything.


Since the content of the test zone can be modified by anyone, its content is not written by me. Read at your own risk. It's however deleted on a regular basis, to avoid serious problems.

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